Founders of IAEEE

IAEEE was founded as an independent non-profit non-governmental organization, by a group of university professors and scientists.

After formal registration and approval of association declaration, twelve members of the directory board were elected by the IAEEE assembly for a period of 3 years.


Dr. Marc A. Rosen, Ph.D., P.Eng Prof. at University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Dr. Farivar Fazelpour, Ph.D. Prof. at I.A.U South Tehran Branch

Dr. Luis M. Romeo, Ph.D. Prof. at University of Zaragoza

Dr. Alireza Saraei, Ph.D. Prof. at I.A.U South Tehran Branch

Dr. Michela Longo, Ph.D. Prof. at Politecnico Di Milano

Dr. Giorgio Besagni, Ph.D. Researcher at Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico

Dr. Noel Perera, Ph.D. Prof. at Birmingham City University

Dr. H.W. Wang, Ph.D. Prof. at University of Taiwan

Dr. Dean Vucinic, Ph.D. Prof. at Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Dr. Kunio Yoshikawa, Ph.D. Prof. at Tokyo Institute of Technology

Dr. Dennis Schuetzle, PhD’s in Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington

Dr. Michel Feidt, Ph.D. Prof. at Université de Lorraine