IAEEE Board of Directors

The Association is governed by a board of directors which is elected by the members for a period of 3 years.

Members of the board appointed an executive committee consisted of president, vice president, secretary and a treasurer to deal with administrative matters.

At present the Board Consists of the following members:

Dr. Marc A. Rosen, Ph.D., P.Eng Prof. at University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Dr. Luis M. Romeo, Ph.D. Prof. at University of Zaragoza

Dr. Michela Longo, Ph.D. Prof. at Politecnico Di Milano

Dr. Giorgio Besagni, Ph.D Researcher at Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico

Dr. Noel Perera, Ph.D. Prof. at Birmingham City University

Dr. H.W. Wang, Ph.D. Prof. at University of Taiwan