Student Admission and Transfer

IAEEE welcomes students from all over the world.

Many factors are taken into consideration during the admission process. The most important are, applicants’ previous academic record, completed courses, received degrees, overall standing, etc. Other factors include: reference letters, research area, recommendations availability, etc.

IAEEE establishes the minimum admission requirements common to all students.  However, some universities may need additional requirements.

Admission Requirements

  • Applying for a Bachelor´s Degree:
    Holding a secondary high school certificate or diploma with a minimum GPA of 14 out of 20 (2.8 out of 4.0).
  • Applying for a Master´s Degree:
    Holding a B.A or B.Sc. degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 14 out of 20 (2.8 out of 4.0).
  • Applying for a Ph.D. Degree:
    Holding an M.A or M.Sc. degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 14 out of 20 (2.8 out of 4.0).

All Applicants are requested to provide:

  • Completed application form
  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to your educational capabilities (it must be sealed in an envelope and signed across the back flap).
  • Three copies of official transcripts translated into English.
  • Three copies of applicant´s passport or Identification card.
  • Three recent photographs
  • Approval letter of financial support.
  • Applicant Should have a valid language certificate. 

 How to Apply

Step 1 – Collect all required documents, mentioned in the Admission Requirements section.

Step 2 – Scan and send all the required documents to before the application deadline.

Step 3 – Admission request will be sent to the related university and related authorities will make a decision based on provided documents.

Statement of Services to be Performed

IAEEE shall provide advice and consulting services to the Applicant with respect to matters related to the procedures, requirements, regulations, official actions, fees and other information about student admission and transfer.

IAEEE shall be engaged by the Applicant as a consultant and administrator for processing of student admission and transfer.

Upon request by the Applicant, IAEEE shall keep the Applicant informed about applications status, progress, timelines and notifications of the process.

Registration without waiting at Goethe institute, accommodation at proper university, scholarship for some master studies, help for getting Germany visa, and help for filling uni‑assist processes applications.

For further information, please send an inquiry to the following email address: int.admissions 

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